Social and Environmental Reporting

First European Social and Environmental Report

In the course of 2012 and in the framework of a EU-sponsored project, the European Social Partners of the Leather industry, COTANCE and industriAll (ex-ETUF:TCL) developed the third phrase of their Social and Environmental Reporting initiative for the European leather sector.

The first European Social and Environmental Report was officially introduced on 27 September 2012 in Bucharest, during a special event organised in parallel to the ICAMS Fair (see under Events). Special guests from client industries, R&D institutes and the leather press were invited to join delegates from the national social partners and hear the presentation of the Report.

The Report, originally written in English, is also available in: Italian, Spanish, German, French, Swedish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Polish and Portuguese. All versions can be downloaded as pdf files on this website.

With this exercice, the social partners of the European leather industry set a new milestone for good governance in the global leather industry, underscoring the principle of continuous progress for a sustainable development.