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Building Trust: TCL

Building Trust Textile-Clothing-Leather

The European social partners [COTANCE, EURATEX and ETUF:TCL] are currently engaged in a project - with the support of the European Commission - aimed at building the capacity of the Textile-Clothing-Leather social partners in the New Member States and Candidate Countries.

The portal for this project hosts the latest news and documents, and can be visited here:

In a first wave of visits (March 2008), the social TCL sectoral partners from TR, HU, LT and CZ met their UK, BE, IT counterparts and some EU officials, in the framework of the follow-up of the project aimed at the capacity buliding of the TCL SSP in the new member states and the applicant countries.

In a second wave of visits (May 2008), the social sectoral partners of TR, SK, BG, RO and PL met their IT, BE and UK counterparts for an exchange on the SSD. One day was also spent on the EU and meetings with/visits of the ESEC-CCMI, the Commission and the EP.