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Far too often we underestimate the risks involved for our know how, designs and innovations in processes and products when we exhibit the fruit of our work in foreign countries. Sectors like ours are particularly vulnerable to piracy of trademarks, designs and patents. Losses can be substantial and threaten even the livelihood of our operators. However, costs for preventing or correcting IPR infringements are not irrelevant either. There is no strategy that fits all and every operator has to assess what's best for his company.

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To learn more about trademarks, please visit the first in a series of E-learning modules from the Helpdesk here. The second E-learning module addresses IPR issues at trade fairs and can be found here.
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Handbook Seminars

 IPeuropAware project

Handbook Seminars

12 February 2010Bulgaria, Sofia 
13 February 2010 Germany, Frankfurt
10 March 2010  Greece, Athens
24 March 2010  Romania, Bucharest
25 March 2010  Spain, Alicante
13 April 2010 Portugal, Nova de Famalicao and
San Joao da Madeira
26 April 2010 Lithuania, Vilnius
29 April 2010 Italy, Rome
 6 May 2010 Hungary, Budapest
21 May 2010 Poland, Warsaw
26 May 2010 Czech Republic, Prague
 3 September 2010 Hungary, Sopron

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Intellectual Property Rights

COTANCE provides information & training material on Intellectual Property Rights to the leather industry in the framework of an EU sponsored project within the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP).

COTANCE has contributed to the development of sector guides on Intellectual Property for the operators in the leather, leathergoods and footwear industries in the framework of a project sponsored by the European Commission and managed by the EACI. The work was carried out in cooperation with the University of Alicante (Spain), Europe's National Patent Offices and the European Trade Associations and Research Centres of the Textiles (Euratex) and Furniture (UEA) industries. These guides contain all relevant information for the sector's companies interested in engaging or developing their IP strategies and enhancing thus their competitiveness on the markets (see our previous note on the subject).

The handy guides target notably the sector's SME's, the strength of Europe's leather and footwear industry. They are easy to read and provide brief detailed information on all operational aspects of IP rights relevant to the leather and footwear industry as well as interesting case studies.

The Guides in 13 different European languages are available for download through a specific project site. A promotion campaign in the various EU countries is foreseen throughout 2010 with a final Conference in October 2010 in Brussels.

A table with all national seminars can be found here.  

Downloadable English versions:


IP Guide Leather


Ip Guide Footwear


IP Guide Furniture

Other linguistic versions can be downloaded here: