Sunday, 06 July 2008 13:35

Mr Andreu Colomer passes away - Europe's leather industry is mourning

Mr Andreu Colomer of the Colomer i Munmany Tannery in Vic passed away at the age of 95. His daughter and his wife as well as the Spanish and European leather industry mourns his death.

Mr Colomer was not only one of the most known Catalan Tanners world-wide but also a great man of culture and promoter of the art in leather. His business made him travel the world and in his devotion for leather he gathered one of the most selected collection of Cordobans and Guadamecies as well as numerous pieces of valuable ancient leathers from many countries, expression of the culture of leather-making. He promoted also leather research in history and sponsored the publication of a collection of books bringing to the people the understanding of leather (e.g. Leather in the Bible, Leather in the Middle Ages,...).


Andreu Colomer celebrating his 95th birthday on 16 June 2008 when he was honoured by the City of Vic in presence of many personalities of the world of the Catalan industry, culture and politics


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AIICA: Life Tannins Project

Tuesday, 06 May 2008 12:59

AIICA, the Spanish Leather Research Centre, presents the Life Tannins Project

AIICA has developed a LIFE project with the aim of preventing exploitation of forests by obtaining tanning extract from grape pips through the recovery of waste product of the wine industry. More information can be found on the project web site.


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